I Look like a Girl

PreSchool-Grade 2

In this vibrantly illustrated picture book, exuberant girls seem to burst both the limits of the page and the confines of traditional expectations. Each child, while engaging in typical childhood activities, is imagining a life as free and wild as that of a tiger, dolphin, mustang, condor, or wolf. "Throw out those glass slippers.-No prince is waiting for me," the girls say, but the strongly implied message is that they're the ones who aren't waiting for a Cinderella ending. Instead, these youngsters, like the animals they dream of, glory in their own outer and inner selves. The richly colored oil paintings accompanying the brief, sometimes rhyming text will delight storyhour audiences, while smaller details, like a "Cinderella" movie poster, a tiger kitten in a jungle garden, and a come-to-life stuffed monkey, will reward observant viewers. A celebration of "what is wild, in the heart-so I can be me," this book does for girls what the author's All the Colors of the Earth (Morrow, 1994) did for children of ethnic diversity.

Meg Stackpole, Rye Free Reading Room, NY
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Reader Reviews from Amazon.com:

By Marjorie DeWilde:
If you want a little girl who dreams of being a tiger, mustang or dolphin, instead of a fairy princess, you must get this book!!!
My mom searched through over 100 books before selecting this one for her granddaughter's first birthday. It's wonderful. I read it to my baby at least weekly.

This book says exactly what I want to tell my daughter. She doesn't have to wait for her prince. She can go be anything, be wild and free, be dangerous, and be herself.

The illustrations are beautiful, a bit wild and free on their own. Buy this book. You won't regret it.

By A Customer:
Recently while visiting some friends with a young daughter, I was shown this book. I read it and loved it. If you want your daughter(s) to grow up proud to be a girl, this is a must have. Since reading   I Look like a Girl , I have decided to buy copies for my closest friends, the youngest being 20. Buy this book, you'll love it!

By Miss K:
If you are trying to find a book that features strong, capable girls with exciting inner monologues...this is the one for you. I'm not kidding when I say it is worth buying a cut-out remainder version of this book, because sadly it is out of print.